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Welcome to Inovic Power Solution Private Limited

Manufacturers of Electrical Control Panels

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At Inovic Power Solution Private Limited Electricals, we are committed to providing our clients with high-quality electrical solutions that are efficient, reliable, and safe. We pride ourselves on our experienced team of engineers and technicians who are dedicated to delivering innovative and customized solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our Power Control Center (PCC) and Motor Control Center (MCC) are designed to provide safe and efficient power distribution to different electrical loads in a facility. Our LT Bus Ducts ensure efficient power distribution in low voltage systems, while our AMF, APFC & DG Sync. Panels are used for power backup and distribution systems.

Our Control & Relay Panels and Relay Logic Panels with PLC are advanced control systems used in industrial automation and process control applications. Our VFD/Bypass Starter Panels are used to control the speed of electric motors by adjusting the frequency and voltage of the power supply.

Our LT Kiosks & Out Door Panels and External Lighting DBS are designed for outdoor electrical applications such as street lighting systems, parks, and stadiums. Our Metering Panels are used to monitor and measure the flow of electricity in a facility, helping to optimize power distribution and reduce energy usage.

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Ruhani Batra

The company is open to innovation and readily adopts latest technology.I love the fact that I am a part of a team that markets reliable.,high quality products and I have global client base.

Vikrant Mishra

They provide copper tin coated bus bar for our customers. So impressed with their service and co-operation.

Romi Agnihotri

They help to customers design their power distribution system, constituted with high quality power distribution control panels,which is a good gesture.


We are integrated engineering company composed of a group of agile and experienced engineers skilled in different fields.


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